Vera 3 UI7 to VeraEdge -- disappearing devices?

I am trying to upgrade to a VeraEdge from a fairly stable Vera 3 on UI7 that is running the latest firmware. I did a full local backup including Z-wave network. When I config the VeraEdge and get to the point of restoring the Vera 3 backup something goes wrong. All the Vera level setting are restored including Rooms and Scenes. Even the devices are as well – for about 10 seconds. Then the VeraEdge says it is is starting the Z-Wave network and all the devices disappear.

No rebooting, waiting or swearing seems to bring the devices back. Any thoughts on what is going wrong here?

BTW no need to yell at me for the needles upgrade to the Edge from the 3. I just like to have new toys to play with :wink: