Vera 3 SSH - Connection Refused

I have a Vera 3 system and need SSH access to it. I use putty with the Vera 3 IP (I can ping and access it in browser just fine) with port 22. But I get a pop-up message: “Connection Refused”

I can see the request passing through the firewall, so no firewall issues.

[quote=“arcarocket, post:1, topic:187115”]I can see the request passing through the firewall, so no firewall issues.[/quote]I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion just yet. Firewall ALGs can sometimes interfere with sessions and of course, user errors such as forwarding to the wrong host are known to cause such issues.

Based on your description, it sounds like you are trying to SSH to Vera from the internet, through a firewall. Is this the case? Have you tried SSH from the local network?

I hope that you are aware that port forwarding Vera is strongly discouraged.

I think that this happens if you’ve configured your Vera with the “Secure this Vera” checkbox turned on. Look under (this is from memory) Users & Account Info > Unit Settings.

Update, after 2.5 hours on the phone with Mi Casa working on the Vera 3. They put us through the ringer on the network/firewall tests/etc. After all that they finally logged into some “admin” panel of the vera (not sure what to call it, seems some technicians access only) and they clicked 1 button. There was three radio buttons: SSH access from WAN or LAN or doesn’t matter (not what the term was, but forget). They clicked the “Doesn’t matter” button and SSH worked instantly.

2.5 hours of them blaming our network, only to have them click 1 button to fix in Vera. Anyways, at least it fixed, hopefully this helps others in future!