Vera 3 pre-purchase programming question

I am trying to decide which ZWave controller to buy and am leaning towards the Vera 3. Question about programming…

Easy - can I write quick scripts that say if (x & (y or z)) then turn on these devices and turn off these devices?

Hard - I habitually leave my garage door open. I will install a mag sensor on the door and a remote unit to open/close the door. Can I wrote a script that says to SMS me if the garage door has been open for 5 minutes? I am guessing event-based scripting is easy. This is more time based. I think the scenario makes sense, just need to understand if I can do this inside Vera’s environment. I know I can in more expensive units or PC-based solutions.


The PLEG plugin will provide all the scripting you need without needing to use LUA.
If you have ab Android Phone, the Vera Alerts Plugin will be ideal for your notification needs.

ZeroBrane Studio just release a lightweight IDE which makes it easier to develop Lua scripts for Vera. You can give it a try.

Also, regular door/window sensors are designed smaller gaps. For garage doors, I would recommend SecoLarm SM-226LQ or SM-226L-3Q. These are wired sensors. You can connect these to EverSpring door/window sensor which can work with wired sensors.