Vera 3 not able to upgrade firmware due to bad memory blocks

Hi all,

I am using the vera 3 for around 4 years now. Not too many devices (around 40). Since December '16 I cannot normally upgrade to the latest versions of Firmware. Helpdesk once helped me by sending instructions (I have to create a backup, reset to default, upgrade, place back backup). This works. Till a month ago, the new firmware. After several attempts, still not able to have enough memory available to upgrade.
Contacted support 2 weeks ago and they only come up with the manual I described above.
They mentioned that I have ‘back memory blocks’ and I must stay on this firmware version. Not exactly the answer I was hoping for.
After replying that back they did me an offer for a new controller and an option that they would do the upgrade from a distance (with no guarantees)…also not the answer I was hoping for.

Is there someone who knows a way to get rid of the memory blocks? (I am not an experienced Vera3 user; I use UI and that’s it normally). :slight_smile:
Or how can I completely erase the Vera 3?


I am afraid that you are to change the vera. Is there anything in the new firmware that you need?

I started a post in the general forum about data corruption and you are just another example of what I speak of. The bad memory blocks are failed memory cells which can no longer be written over. Because the vera does not have an SSD with a controller to handle errors and wear leveling but instead uses an embedded storage architecture with very little space which was never designed to handle all the logging and and overwriting the vera UI does, it has a very finite lifetime. One alternative to mitigate this problem is to extroot the vera (another one of my posts) so you can run the vera OS on an external SSD drive but it requires that you have a healthy OS on the main partition to start.