Vera 3 no web ui

Hello - tried to update the firmware and lost contact. Have reset the box and can ssh in but am unable to see the web ui. Have three green lights - any ideas what to do?

The firmware upgrade tool is not working on my windows 10 machine to boot.

Not sure if it’s related to your problem but I noticed an issue with my Vera 3 over the last week or two. I am running UI5. I can no longer connect through When I try to log in I get “unable to communicate with your unit…”.

I can connect through winscp and SSH. are others experiencing this too?

Yes, can confirm. Looks like they have closed down the cp.mios servers.
Poor show if they have. @soren please confirm the status as there must be many users affected by this.

Well, after much prodding and resetting I got the orange blink of near death. Sigh. Next - dig out old xp machine from attic. Couldn’t connect. Next, followed this very good guide to get virualbox onto my machine in order to run xp in order to run the firmware upgrade tool.

Upon finishing I was able to flash recovery firmware from here

Orange light. Flash again. Orange light and gone midnight. Time to call it a day.

Wakeup and Vera is back up!?! Three green lights and can access. Brilliant! Try to update firmware…

Used this link for the URL custom firmware box. Then updated to latest firmware.

Great, HOWEVER - I am only able to access the box on not the static IP I have given it on my lan. Truly doing my head in.

Edit. And now its accessible.

Legacy platform is still up and it’s not going to be shutdown without prior notice.
We had some issues related to database replication which affected access into old platform and they were resolved.

Thanks for the info… So for me, I have this Vera3 in a second home. It’s a couple of hours away and I get there every week or two. I went yesterday with a laptop and found I could connect to my system while I am on-site (inside the firewall).

However today at my main home I still cannot log in through Is there something else I need to do to fix it? It’s been so long for me I don’t remember the steps needed when I set it up originally.

I use

Yes that would be for UI7 but I am on UI5 so my Vera3 is still linked to

Sorry to say it hasn’t been resolved.

I was getting the same response as the above picture shows, but after trying again just now, it appears to be working correctly. Don’t know how long that will last but it is good now…

I just rechecked and it hasn’t been fixed.
Worse is that I can’t open a ticket as there is no communication available from the page.
So whatever was done to the database has corrupted it. @Soren please update your team and advise them that the corruption has not been fixed.

Interesting… Is this browser dependent? It works on my desktop system using Chrome. It doesn’t work on my Amazon Fire device which uses Silk.

I’m using chrome. Status shows it down as well so I’m not sure what is going on.
No contact from CS so it’s a mystery.

This is a localized issue with your controller, just had the team double-check and server-side everything looks good. please use the support form or the email to have our team take a look at your controller.

As announced a while back, support for the UI5/legacy controllers is not offered anymore but we’ll make an exception for this case. I’ve asked our team to take a look at your ticket if you have one.

Also, I can’t find any recently registered tickets using the email on the forum. If you already sent a ticket and have a ticket number, send me a DM with it, otherwise please submit a ticket.


Hi mate, I am in a similar position but cannot find the revovery tool anywhere… Are you able to please point me in the right direction of where I can download it, otherwise possibly send it to me?

Many thanks