Vera 3 ... Full Specs? Preorders Available?

Seeing how the devices were announced to be available in Oct & Dec, it would be nice to have a full set of specs to compare the V3 & V3.lite to see which one would best suit those who are interested in buying (like me).

I’d also like to know when they will be available for order, with expected ship dates. And a nice discount for us early adopters would be nice too :slight_smile:

Bump… I need an additional controller in 1 week ???. Holding off on going homeseer for the Vera 3. Small window of time, will it really be released this month? I’ve seen nothing…

I have no inside knowlege but think it would be safe to say that V3 will not be out within a week

MCV does a poor job of communicating on this board. Someone should kick marketing in the arse. They announced at a trade show, but can’t bother communicating to their most rabid fans? #fail

new here right?

Prepared to be frustrated a lot. :wink:

Cash in hand ready to buy the v3 or maybe the revamped v2 I’ve heard about.

Dates please before the cash gets spent by the misses !! :wink:

I received an email from MCV today stating the release would be in “mid-November”.

I already have a Vera 2 and need a second controller. I will probably just buy another Vera 2. I worry that “mid-November” means “mid-July” given that original story was that it would be release sometime in October.

Still no order date provided?

They must not care if people buy the device. Way to provide your potential user base with confidence in your ability to support them! #FAIL

My understanding is that one of the products will release in November and the other will release at the same time or in December. Don’t recall the order of release.

Is the UI stable? What do beta testers feel?

the simple fact that MCV has not even responded to this thread either means they don’t read the forums (strike 1) and/or they don’t care about communicating with potential customers (strike 2) and/or they have no freak’n clue when they are actually going to launch the product (strike 3)… anyone here know what strike 3 means in baseball?

[quote=“Abscam, post:10, topic:169174”]Is the UI stable? What do beta testers feel?[/quote]The beta testers are not at liberty to discuss, and have no knowledge of release dates other than what’s been previously announced.