Vera 3 Frustration

I have a Vera 3 with 22 devices, and one plugin for Wunderground. I had Vera Alerts installed but uninstalled it a few days ago.

My problem is that it will only operate properly for a few days, after which it stops running scheduled events and will not load all of the UI, just the header. I have to power cycle it.

I switched everything from X-10 hoping Z-wave would work better, but now I have spent a lot of money on something that is essentially useless to me if it can’t stay up by itself for more than a few days.

I know most of you guys don’t have this problem, so I hope you can help me out. I searched the forum, but using keywords like “locks up” and “freezes” brings up posts about locks and freeze alerts.

Hello Andy,

I am really sorry you’re having so much trouble with the Vera unit but i suggest you to send us an email to with a brief description and serial number of your Vera so we can escalate and solve any issues you might have with the Vera unit.

Regards, John