Vera 3 downloading loop

Had another V3 go down and reinstalled firmware. Nearly back to sq 1 however it is in a ‘luup: Downloading plugin #7016’ loop which i believe is Gcal3. Have tried deleting the plugin via dashboard. Is there another way?

02/14/21 13:36:42.255 Device_LuaUPnP::LoadDeviceDoc can’t load /etc/cmh-lu//D_GCal3.xml <0x2b297000>
02 02/14/21 13:36:42.255 JobHandler_LuaUPnP::m_sMissingFile_set /etc/cmh-lu//D_GCal3.xml <0x2b297000>
|01|02/14/21 13:36:42.256|JobHandler_LuaUPnP::CreateDevice_LuaUPnP failed to load 66/D_GCal3.xml so device 66 is offline <0x2b297000>|
|01|02/14/21 13:36:42.475|Device_LuaUPnP::CreateServices Aborting device 66 because the topmost device has no interface <0x2b297000>|
|01|02/14/21 13:36:42.475|JobHandler_LuaUPnP::CreateAllServices failed to create 66 <0x2b297000>|

Would it better to try and remove the plugin or copy files over from another machine?