Vera 3 controller goes offline randomly in Ui7

I have been using my Vera 3 Controller for at least 5 - 6 years on Ui5. However, I just decided recently to upgrade to Ui7, because I just moved, options of newer apps and compatibility with newer devices. I have noticed that when I am sometimes trying to connect or am already in the Vera controller Web Page, the controller radomly goes offline for no apparent reason. All of the 3 LEDs on the front of the Vera 3 controller (Power, WAN and Z-Wave) all stay green, therefore I know that it is not a Network issue. After a few minutes, I can log into the controller again.This never happened when on Ui5, just started when upgraded to Ui7. Is this a known issue, or is there something that I can do about this?

I may be stating the obvious but I’d suggest looking at the log. It may provide a clue.
In a browser tab-http://[your-Vera3-IP-address]/cgi-bin/cmh/
I would suspect a plugin.

Hello Tinman

I just read your response about checking the log for troubleshooting, and I would like to say … I recently posted a different issue regarding sluggishness, and, as mentioned in my post, I’m attempting to use the log for diagnosis. However, the information in the log appears quite cryptic to me.

Is there a reference document or guide available that could help users like us understand the log better? It would be immensely helpful to have details about log levels, the meaning behind recurrent messages, and any other insights that can make the log a more effective tool for troubleshooting. Pointing someone to the log is one thing, but being able to decipher and make sense of it is crucial.

Any advice or direction you could provide would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

Here’s a little bit I found quite a while ago. It’s obviously not complete.
13 - Zwave serial
22 - ?? tough to catagorize
24 - mostly Zwave
25 - Scene return status?
27 - Zigbee
31 - AlarmManager
35 - Debug
41 - Zwave send
42 - expected ACK?
50 - debug