Vera 3 Client Mode with Verizon Hotspot


Trying to connect a Vera3 using Wifi Client mode to a Mobile Hotspot on a Verizon 4GLT Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10. The hotspot assigns Vera an IP address, but Vera is unable to get to Internet and other devices on the Hotspot network can not ping vera.

Verizon 4GLT Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10" Tablet
Vera 3 Fw 1.5.622

I have a PC connected to Lan Port 1 for access to the Vera 3 while in Client Mode.

The Tablet Hotspot DHCP is assigning an IP address and shows the Vera 3 as connected with an assigned IP Addr of
Logging into the Vera 3 and running ifconfig, wlan0 has been assigned

In spite of everything looking okay (see screen shots) the Vera can not access the Internet. Other devices (PC and another Tablet) are able to see each other (ping) on the HotSpot net, but not Vera (ping or web site (

I often use Vera client mode with office and home wifi access points with no issues. My guess is there is something unique about the Mobile Hot Spot that disallows some service/feature used by Vera.

Appreciate any advice,