Vera 3 Battery Cable

I picked up a Vera3, life was good…until I installed a lightswitch and needed to make use of the battery pack to move the Vera3 closer to the switch. It’s then I realized that I did not have the DC power cable to connect the Vera3 to the battery pack.

So anyone know of a place to pickup a replacement cable? I found on older thread on here where someone bought a cable for their Vera2 battery pack and apparently it worked (link below).

So does the Vera2 and Vera3 share the same battery cable? And if not, anyone know of a place to get one? Thanks everyone for your time!

For anyone curious or in the same predicament, I checked with Vera technical support and the battery cable is indeed the same for Vera2 and Vera3 so the linked cable with work.

According to support, “It?s a regular 12v DC connector rated for 1000mA with the connector size 5.5 ? 2.1mm and male to male type.”

Our use full power inclusion, that’s what I’ve been doing since I upgraded to Vera 3