Vera 3 (aka Vera Pro) availability

All the kernel issues with the Ralinc CPU have been resolved, and we have a couple thousands Vera Pro’s on a ship that has already left Asia. The estimated delivery date is December 10. I had asked to have 50 or so air freighted removed from the shipment and air-freighted ahead so we could give them to the beta testers. Somehow this got lost at the factory and all of them were loaded on the ship. Sorry for this. But at least we know for sure when they’ll be shipping. As stated earlier, all beta testers on this forum will receive a complimentary unit. You can send an email to with the subject line “Complimentary Vera 3 for beta testers” and include your forum username, name, address and email. We’ll email you the tracking number when it ships. We’re also posting a Ui5 beta tomorrow.

Great news! Looking forward to testing out the new unit and a new UI5 release. Makes a nice Christmas gift from MCV.

  • Garrett

Excellent news.

Hopefully, the beta test (hardware) process goes smoothly, and MCV will be able to release the new Vera Pros to the masses for a late Christmas gift!

Awesome! Cheers to MCV 8)

Glad we finally got an update. the silence was deafening!!!

Thanks Aaron

@wseverino, he said “tomorrow” :wink:


@JOD and tomorrow has come and gone!!! LMFAO!!! Kinda sounds like a making of a good country and western song!

Excellent news! I look forward to testing the new Vera 3. Thanks MCV!

Great news!

All, ive been away from the forum for quite a bit due to work and personal circumstances…
Dont worry, ill be back!

Im still backbenching and monitoring!


Aaron - Still looking like next Friday for the V3’s to arrive?

Crossing fingers! I really need to ditch my Vera2 - my Z-Wave network is just too big for the V2 to handle and looking forward to the power of V3 and the new UI5!

Hell, a V2 would be good right now for me. I had to take the AD2USB plugin off my V1 cause it cause the CPU usage to go through the roof.

Progress: just now had an MCV Online Shop order for a Vera3 @ $0.00 magically show up in my email box.


Hmmm, nothing in mine. : (

  • Garrett

Mine neither…

[quote=“garrettwp, post:15, topic:169557”]Hmmm, nothing in mine. : (

  • Garrett[/quote]It could still be a Gift-wrapped lump of coal, we’ll see when it arrives. 8)

I had planned on re-imaging my other V2 this weekend (from a backup), and taking it to UI5… will give me a little practice before the newbie arrives.

Nothing here, youz guyz are the vanguard

Just got the email!

  • Garrett

Got my email.