Vera 2 - what day is it?!?

How do I find out from Vera 2 - UI4 what day it is? I don’t have a problem with this–it’s 9:30am and I’m sitting on my couch in my bathrobe, so it must be a Saturday–but Vera seems confused. I’ve had a simple scene on a weekday timer that shuts off a few things & sets my thermostats to a more economical setting that has been running correctly for at least 6 months… and all of a sudden, it fails to run on weekdays (I haven’t tracked which ones) and it does run on weekends. Today, I woke up to find my thermostat set to cool to 85 degrees and my water cooler off. Garbage. I’ve pulled the ETH1 and power cables for several minutes, then restored everything, then pulled this screen shot:

This scene ran this morning.

I’m sure there’s some simple Luup I can test to see if Vera thinks it’s a Saturday, I just don’t know what it is.

Run this code from Test Luup code:

luup.task(, 1, "Date", -1)

[quote=“mcvflorin, post:2, topic:171491”]Run this code from Test Luup code:

luup.task(, 1, "Date", -1)

Sent successful… however, I don’t know what the parameters in that code mean.

Upper right displays:
Mon May 14 11:04:08 2012

Hmm. I guess my Vera isn’t as confused as I thought it was. I wonder what’s going on. Also, my scene ran this morning as it should have.

You can find what those parameters mean here: