Vera 2 + Vera lite?

I’ve been holding off upgrading my Vera 2 in hopes of skipping a generation of hardware but it looks like the next version won’t be out until 3rd or 4th quarter so I’m done waiting. The reason I’m done waiting is my V2 isn’t keeping up with my network, I’m told it’s the size (number of devices) and also the size of my house (which is odd since that hasn’t changed) by MCV.

SO the question(s) is, can I use a Vera lite AND add my Vera 2 as a network extender? What will I gain and what won’t work if I do this? Will plug-ins that work only with the newer hardware NOT work on the second unit? Does it even make sense to bother with it?

why not get a vera 3 ? plugins for ui5 will work with ui5 on vera 2 but im not sure the new ui6 is going to support vera 2 so getting a new vera 3 would make ur installation little more futureproof.