Vera 2 setup as a bridge problem

I have a Vera 2 setup as a bridge with a static IP address located about 150 ft from my wireless router (DLink DIR660). When I first power up the Vera 2, the Dlink router will find the Vera2 and I can control the Vera 2 through my browser. Over time the DLink router will loss the Vera 2 IP address and I can no longer see the Vera 2 with my browser, BUT I can sign into MIOS, select dashboard on the Vera 2 and control the Vera through the MIOS.

I can restart the Vera 2 and see the Vera 2 through my DLink router, but after a while the Dlink will loose the IP address. I installed a Linksys Access Point connected to the DLink router 15 feet closer to the Vera 2, but the setup does the same thing (looses the IP address after some period of time usually within hours).

Any Ideas?