Vera 2 Locked Up - No Response

New user with tech experience.

I brought up a new Vera 2 and downloaded latest firmware. GE modules would link fine then after an hour or two wouldn’t respond to commands.

I read about the 1183 beta release and went about the download. The unit never gave any indication that the upgrade was successful so I unplugged, then reconnected the power cord. Now I cannot get into it.

Going in through finds the unit but comes back with “Cannot Load Data” with some options about configuring the network, upgrading firmware, contact tech support, etc. None of the links go anywhere.

I tried a reset but still nothing. I’m stuck. I have a backup but cannot get the unit to the point where I can load it.


First you may want to try and get to it via a local IP and check that you can ping it perhaps? The reset is a bit tricky as I think you have to double tap it to get it to work!

Some more reading here:

If she’s in a bad way and the above doesn’t work then you can try this:

Thanks for the tips.

I’ll do some reading and let you know how it turns out.

Wiki links were very helpful. I was able to reload an old version of the firmware and then upgrade to 1047. After reading the 1183 thread I think I’ll stay with 1047 for now.

Thanks for the help.