Vera 2 Buttons

Could someone please explain the use of the 3 buttons on the back of the new Vera 2 box? One is the reset button, one is labeled Zwave, and one has no label.

I understand the zwave button…tap once to attach a device and hold it down to remove a device. Any other significant operations with this button?

The other 2, I’ve found no documentation whatsoever.

Thanks for your help!!!

when looking at what appears to be the same hardware with a different company’s home control product- i think the ‘mystery button’ is one of those “tap this button and you can get your client device to mate to me easily” buttons that some wireless routers have.

I’m guess MCV removed that functionality with their particular flavor of firmware so that’s why its not used. (could also be it’s there but unsupported, could also be that they took the button and gave it a new function…)


On the new hardware there are 3 buttons:

  1. Z-Wave button; used to include/exclude devices;
  2. Another black button with no label; does nothing for now;
  3. Small black button (pin hole); used to reset Vera to factory default.

How exactly do you restore factory settings on the Vera 2?

You double press (quickly), using a paper clip or a small pen, the reset button on the back of Vera.

do you do this while Vera is powered?

The unlabeled button is used to interupt the boot cycle of the router (aka Vera)
I posted over in the beta testers area the procedure for re-flashing under Firmware_Flash_Vera2
The instructions can also be found here but they are not correct.


thanks again JOD