Vera 1 to Vera 2 --> how to pair Trane Thermostat

I was happily working with a Vera1 device until the USB Zwave dongle started to give problem,s o I took advantage of upgrading to the new Vera2. Here is my dilemma, and hopefully someone can help me out:

Trane Thermostat was paired with Vera 1, and I am not able to remove the pairing from the old Vera 1 in order to re pair the Thermostat with teh new Vera 2. I already tried a factory default on the Thermostat, but that does not clear the Zwave ID stored.

Anyone in the forum has an idea of how to do a reset or remove the pairing alerady on the Trane Thermostat so I can enroll it with the new Vera 2? Keep in mind, the dongle on the Vera 1 is not working, so I cannot exclude the Thermostat fro the old Zwave network.

When I moved my Vera1 to my Vera2, I used “Option (2)” which effectively transferred the Dongle’s contents (already part of the Vera1 backup) to the Vera2.

All Devices that were previously attached to Vera1, are now running under Vera2 (and my V1 is shutdown to avoid any conflicts)

How did you move from V1 to V2?

Vera 1 was a work in progress, so rather than moving all devices (and potential problems associated), not have the scenes ported, properly, etc, etc, etc, I decided to start from scratch; reset all my Zwave devices (most of them Leviton switches and wall controllers) and start from zero.

Not a big ordeal, until I realized that the USB dongle from my old Vera 1 was not working properly, so I could not exclude the Trane Thermostat at all. Luckily, after working with the USB dongle and opening it up, I was able to put the dongle in Exclusion Mode (press and hold the button for about 5 seconds until you see a fast blinking light), and I have been able to successfully exclude the Trane from my old Zwave network and pair it with the new Vera 2.

I am still interested, if anyone has an idea, on how to reset the Zwave ID on the Trane Thermostat provided that your old Zwave donlge, communicator, etc, completely failed on you and you cannot exclude the Thermostat in the proper manner.

You shouldn’t need the old dongle to exclude, and you should be able to exclude it with your new Vera2 and then re-include it.

I don’t know about the Trane.

But usually you can just exclude a z-wave device that is not on your net, that will reset z-wave.

Hence if you want a z-wave device on your net, that belongs to another net, you just exclude first, then include.


Ups to slow. :slight_smile:

Stumbled on this issue last night when I tried to add my tz43 thermostats (trane equivalent) to my virgin Vera 2 network. To my knowledge there is know way to “reset” z-wave on the thermostat control panel. I didn’t know how to put Vera 2 into exclude mode. Used old dongle in exclude mode to take tz43 off network. Then added tz43 to Vera 2 network. I assume you can exclude devices with Vera 2 just too lazy to figure out how since I still have the dongle.

I was lucky that I could get the old dongle to respond, at least to exclude the Trane, so I am good. There has to be a way to exclude the Trane directly from the actual menu of the thermostat, but I could not find it anywhere, and their support line is not open today.

@ Zean. To put the Vera 2 in exclusion mode, you have to press and hold the Z-Wave button on the back of the unit for about 5 seconds, you will see the zwave light in the front flashing faster, that is your indication that Vera2 is in exclusion mode.

It will be great to have some of these TIPS & TRICKS posted somewhere in the forum as a sticky. I am guessing, if something like that existent, it will probably take care of about 50% - 60% of the question posted in this forum.

Were you using the same firmware for the migration? I have done the #2 migration, but have not installed it yet. I plan to travel to do this next week. I am using .979 and made Vera2 downgrade because I was told that I needed to be on the same firmware for the migration to work properly.

@ benny. I opted for not using any migration path suggested by MCV (being burned too many times), and just started from scratch. A little longer of a process, but it has allowed me to see the pro’s and con’s of the new interface and get familiarized with it.

The biggest reason for my decision not to migrate from Vera1 to Vera2 using any method was the fact that you will still loose all scenes (icons will be there, but you still have to recreate them). I do not know how big is your Zwave network (I have 20 x Leviton devices + 1 x Trane Thermostat), but it was easier to just start from scratch, and do some learning about the new interface int he process.

I have got to tell, I really like the fact that the Leviton wall controllers only require one step to pair them (including local switches if they have it); now I have to find out how can I delete one of the local switches of a VRCS2 controller that Vera sees/configures automatically and I am not really using.

In case this comes up again in a search…
Resetting a Trane thermostat after a vera upgrade (ie. a new vera device where you didn’t unpair your thermostat prior)…

Enter the Menu mode, hold the middle two buttons to reach the ‘installer settings’, there you will find a ‘factory reset’ option.

I’m not having luck with the resetting of the thermostat. I know it is still paired because the THERMOSTAT INFO shows ZNODE 002. Choosing ZWave Include only lets me REMOVE (but there’s no network remaining to remove).

Can someone help me so my thermostat stops looking for its lost puppy?

You do NOT have to use the OLD Vera 2 to remove the Thermostat from the Old Vera 2 Network.

You can use the NEW Vera 3 to exclude the thermostat.

  1. Put the Vera 3 in exclude mode.
  2. Make sure your Trane thermostat is close by and invoke the exclude menu option.

The Trane thermostat will only exclude from the network if there is a nearby controller telling it to exclude.
You can than turn around and include the Trane Thermostat using the Vera 3.

Got it. I had forgotten about the three second button press for Exclude Mode. Thank you.