Venetian Blinds

I see motors and controllers for roller shades but don’t see anything for venetian blinds. Is it possible to automate not just the up and down but also tilt or is tilt usually done manually? If there are solutions for venetian blinds then can you point me to some website?

This might interest you
Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 (FGRM-222) with venetian blinds
I have a bunch of the Fibaro modules. Apart from a problem with Ui5 not showing the correct state of the blinds they work quite well for me.

+1 for the Fibaro FGRM-222. This device can control up/down as well the tilt of venetian blinds.

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Thanks for the input. This addresses the controller part. How about the motors? I looked at rollertrol and they suggest to use a second (mini) motor for adjusting the angle of the blinds. Do I really need two motors for that or are there solutions that work with one? Also rollertrol has an article showing how two or more motors are being used for multiple curtains (with different fabrics) but how would the setup work for venetian blinds (pictures would be nice).