Variable Container - is it possible to see

I use Variable Containers in my system, but I can’t see them on my phone.
If I need to change Variable Value I need to search a PC.
Is it possible to see them?

It may help if you stated the type of phone and apps…

For iPhone:

IN VeraMate I see Containers, but I can’t change.
Automator and Homewave - first I need to pay and after that I can see what they can…
If some one use them - please tell me…

Sorry, None of the apps will enable direct up.
You can log on via on your mobile or if you have predetermined updated values, you could setup a scene to update the VC and run the scene via an mobile app.

Hi Bore. I haven’t looked specifically at that plugin, but, I’ve just had VeraMate 3.2 released which allows a more generic control over any device. So I think you might be able to control this now. Update to the latest and let me know.

** This is a beta screen to get it on the store before xmas - the generic screen is still a work-in-progress at the moment (controls are too small, and focus isn’t working), but thought it better to get something working out first.

I am with a free version and i checked…
I can see only in Variable Containers. I can’t change…
May be in the next release…
But the good news is - I can change Virtual Switch.
10x for the replay.

I’ve just downloaded the plugin to see what is different about it… shouldn’t be too difficult to cater for this, so at some point in Jan I should be able to allow this to be updated :slight_smile:


So, in this case I will buy…