V3.6 Variable values not printing in Syslog message

Apologies in advance, I’m new here and hope I found the right place to bring up this point. Incidentally, Reactor is awesome!

Hardware: VeraPlus
Vera FirmWare: 1.7.4970 (7.31)
Reactor v3.6

I have verified this on two production VeraPlus devices

Prior to v3.6 syslog messages containing an Expression/Variable would print the value of the variable in the Syslog message, in 3.6 it prints the variable {tag} instead.

Example (Using time var just as example):
Create Expression/Variable
MyTOD=strftime(“%X %x”)

Activities->Add Action->Notify->Syslog->Notification Message: Today is {MyTOD}

Pre 3.6 the syslog message received would read
“Today is 17:02:33 05/13/20”

In 3.6 the syslog message reads
"Today is {MyTOD}”

Thank you in advance for any insights.


Changes in 3.6
read this topic.

That worked, thanks !!

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