v1.78 is now live

Version 1.78 of HomeWave has just hit the App Store.

  • New: You can ask Vera to include or exclude Z-Wave devices from HomeWave; access this function from the Info screen. This functionality is still a bit flaky (especially the status update window) but as I often do in situ inclusions in High power mode instead of by dragging Vera around, I found it useful to have a way to kick off inclusions remotely.

  • Battery indicator now shows a ? if the battery level was last reported over a month ago.

  • Added Shuffle and Repeat buttons to Sonos / Media control (relink your control to Sonos to make this work)

  • Further improvements to network code.

  • Support for the iPhone Detector plugin: allows muting / unmuting

The network code seems pretty stable now, so barring any new bugs or urgent additions, the next release will be a big one with an overhauled GUI and the ability to add an arbitrary number of Veras.

Thank you for the update.

I can’t see Sonos shuffle/repeat even if I add a new Media control in HomeWave. Anything else I need to do?

[quote=“Freddan101, post:2, topic:179594”]Thank you for the update.

I can’t see Sonos shuffle/repeat even if I add a new Media control in HomeWave. Anything else I need to do?[/quote]

The control’s properties have a setting to display the extra buttons.

Got it! Thanks.

Very Nice… doing an include remotely IS great!

Thanks for this :smiley:

Thanks - great feature adds… Homewave is a great app, thanks for taking the time to put it together.

Can you explain more about how to use the support you added for the iphone locator plugin, I don’t see where the plugin is exposed.

I have been using a multi value display to show Distance / ETA / Present variables, but it’s not perfect as the ETA field is in seconds :slight_smile: and it would be great to toggle color when Present / Away.

Dave M.

Iphone mute can be changed now under Binary switch

I can’t seem to find the include functionality. I look under the info screen, and I don’t see anything new. I must be looking in the wrong location (both iPhone and iPad).

Also, another minor thing that I stumbled across is that once I enter the ‘sleep’ screen under Info, I cannot exit that screen unless I close the app or hit the Unlink button. I would think that there should probably be a cancel or exit button to get out of the screen without making any changes. Just a minor thing.

The info screen has an include / exclude button that opens a new screen. If you don’t see it, check that the info screen mentions v1.78

My screen says version 1.78, but I don’t see an include/exclude button. I’ve attached a screen shot showing what I see (bogus push string).

Did you install a beta 1.78 build perhaps?

I was running v1.77 last. I believe that was a Testflight version (build from Jan 10, 2014).

I backed up the Config, deleted the app and checked the info screen. I now see the include/exclude button.

I restored my Config (from 1.77) and the info screen no longer shows the include/exclude button (but does reflect 1.78).

Very nice! The inclusion feature is sooooooooo useful!


It’s very convenient.

I noticed some weirdness with the App Store yesterday when upgrading my old iPad from 1.75, at first the version said 1.77, then it went to 1.78. Try backing up your config and delete / reinstall the app again.

There’s no conditional logic of any kind on the visibility of that button, and data like the version number comes from info files. In 1.77 the button was there, but hidden.


I REALLY like yuou app. But a couple of questions.

I am trying to find a device type in homewave for EZmotion version 1.0 and Vacation Ghost. I can’t seem to find the device to add to my ipad.

Also, have you though about grouping on the add menu devices by vera. I have 3 veras and many of the zwave devices are named the same. At best it’s a guess which device I am adding to the ipad desktop.