Uverse and Vera Lite, Hope it helps

I have had my vera lite for a couple of weeks now and I am working with one device until I learn more about it. That one device is in my garage, next to the hot water heater and hopefully will control my hot water circulator. I got it working with wires strung all over the house trying to find the best location where I would also have internet connection to my router.

It dawned on me this morning that the back of my uverse wireless receivers have a network rj45 jack. I have a unit in approximately the place I would like for the vera lite to sit so I plugged the vera lite into the back of the uverse wireless receiver and voila, it is working. The unit is about half the distance between the router and the appliance unit and eliminated multiple walls between vera and the appliance module.

So far I am very happy! Hope this helps someone else. I am confident I will be back with more questions.