Utilizing Existing Security Wiring

I was looking into getting a VeraLite and to integrate with a new security system. My house an old Magnum Alert 854 alarm which is hardwired. The window sensors are just hanging loose. Assuming the wiring is not broken, can I utilize it with new sensors? What kind of sensors work with the DSC?

Better asked on the alarm forum, http://www.diyalarmforum.com

However, DSC can use (almost?) any normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO) contacts.

NC = Normally Closed = circuit is complete when the sensor/door/window is shut
NO = Normally Open = circuit is cut/open when the sensor/door/window is shut

Depending on how the home was wired, if each isn’t a direct run back to the panel, some might need to be NO and some might need to be NC.

For example, say 3 windows are wired in series, one after the other, then you MUST use NC contacts, so opening of any window breaks the circuit.

Now say those 3 were wired in parallel instead…then you MUST use normally open, so the panel can detect if the circuit completes.

See section 1.2 here:

Contacts here:

*I really hope I don’t have that backwards!

Thank you PurdueGuy. I missed your reply. I will start doing some research.

You can also change the way the panel looks at circuit from n/o to n/c by moving the resistor from in line at the panel to end of line at the device