USR-TCP232-E Connectivity Issue

I hooked up the USR-TCP232-E to a VISONIC POWERMAX PRO as shown below:

Wiring 1 -

Wiring 2 -

I’m using a Layer 3 switch and can see that the switch sees good Layer 1 connectivity but there is no Layer 2 connectivity (no mac address). Is there anything else I should be doing to get Layer 2 and 3 connectivity?

Powermax Pro PC/IP <-> Dupont cables <-> USR-TCP232-E <-> Ethernet <-> Switch <-> Ethernet <-> Vera3

This is really not the right forum for this question, as only Vera plugin related issues are discussed here. You could try Make sure you add the configuration of your USR-TCP232-E in your post as that is more relevant for your problem.

OK that is fair. NLRB - just wondering though, when you setup your USR-TCP232-E did you automatically get an IP when you connected to your switch or was there some type of PowerMax configuration you had to apply to it first?

It might depend on how you have your USR-TCP232-E configured. See example configuration attached.

Thanks for the quick reply! Since I am not able to access that via IP, what would I need to go from Ethernet to an Interface I could use to connect to it with that software?

The software should find it even without an IP address. If not, it might be faulty.

Thanks for the hint! I downloaded the application at and it found that the device had a hard coded IP on some other network. As soon as I changed it to DHCP then I could connect to it. You’d think these would ship with DHCP turned on!