Using Vera *as* DynDNS Alternative

Has anyone given any thought to the fact that - since Vera “calls home” periodically to - she might serve as a de facto DynDNS client?

All that would have to be added to FindVera is one or both of the following:

  1. Show logged-in user the originating IP address, as last relayed by Vera

  2. Added bonus: Present (configurable) shortcut buttons that point to any home service(s) that the user wants to access remotely in addition to Vera: printer, NAS, camera UI, etc. (In short, anything the user setup beforehand with port forwarding either on Vera or the primary router.)

This would spare casual users the hassle of maintaining a free DynDNS account. Vera could even act as a HTTPS / PTP tunneling endpoint, could she not? Thus granting access to one’s files back at home on the PC, etc.

Or am I missing something fundamental in this dream?

Yeah you are missing the fact that for most people Vera is still less reliable that a 72 Pinto.

Other than that, yes please let’s add more features!

I agree with chimpware. Vera should maintain their focus on developing a solid reliable home automation controller. In fact I don’t think the Vera Hardware should be trying to do anymore than that.

I think it’s good practice to let a dedicated router such as handle any complex networking and have vera sit behind it serving one purpose only (Home Automation).

Point(s) well taken. I’m sure most everyone would agree with you guys.
Still, it’d be cool if I could be apprised of Vera’s outward-facing IP address, by looking at FindVera.
This involves no new Vera code whatsoever (and perhaps 3 lines of FindVera code), and potentially benefits many.

I’ll be happy to lock topic, lest things get carried away with more “Wish List” items. :slight_smile:

AT the moment, while the Luup version is in beta, we are definitely in ‘improve reliability’ mode, and not ‘add new feature’ mode. Especially since dyndns isn’t a core feature, and you can get it for free elsewhere.