Using Vera *and* schlage Link

I purchased and installed the Schlage Link product and have the lock, bridge and lightin module working fine. Of course after all that I find out about Vera and it’s additional features. It won’t be an issue to switch (there’s no committment on the schlage monthly) but I’m hesitant.

Does anyone know if Vera can be added to the system without removing the schlage link bridge? ie, can vera and schlage manage the same lock?

also, anyone use the vera mobile java client on a BlackBerry? Schlage’s is pretty nice so vera mobile would have to be at least as good.

sounds like I want the features of vera - looks awesome. just don’t want to loose what i have

thanks guys

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You can probably add vera as a secondary controller.
Vera will act as secondary and thus will have limited functions

the “add” process seems the same from what I’ve read i.e. enter the program code, then hit the schlage button then enter 1 (or zero. can’t recall). Anyway, i guess the real question is this: If I put the schlage lock through the ADD process to pair it with vera, will it then forget it was on the schlage bridge

thanks guys

We just posted a beta firmware (see the official announcements) that supports copying secure keys to/from other controllers. So now Vera can be either primary for secondary secure controllers, or secondary to another primary. I’m not sure if Schlage has implemented this yet. I know it’s mandatory for Z-wave certification, but last I looked it wasn’t working on the Schlage and it was something they said they’d fix.

What you can try doing is adding the lock to the Schlage bridge, then taking the Schlage unit close to Vera, hit the ‘+’ on the Schlage to go into include mode, and in Vera’s web ui, choose devices, z-wave options, copy z-wave network (with the new Vera firmware). If the Schlage supports secure copy, this should work, and Vera and the Schlage bridge both should control the lock.

thank you. Vera will be delivered in a few days and i’ll try