Using Vera 2 battery pack on Vera Edge

Hello I just upgraded from my Vera 2 UI-5 to Vera edge UI-7 and was wondering if I could use the 12V power pack from the Vera2 to power up the Vera Edge when pairing
Powering the Edge via an extension kinda seems a backward step


I would fully expect the Edge to use a 12V power supply identical to the other Vera units, but only because I’m not 100% certain, I would recommend you check the Edge power supply before attempting this. If it’s 12V, it’s fine to use the Vera 2 battery to power up the Edge. I’ve used my Vera 2 battery on my Vera 3 a few times.

Now that that’s out of the way, a couple of tips: installing an external antenna can provide you the additional range necessary to use full power inclusion. Since adding the antenna, I have only used the battery pack a few times because I can add devices that would be otherwise out of range. There’s a thread in these forums to address that mod.

…and why did you go with the Edge and UI7? There seems to be an awfully large number of masochists on this site.

Hello I was actually using the Vera2 with UI-4 for years, but had a chance to purchase the Edge for $66
I upgraded to UI-5 on the V2 so to do the transfer to the Edge
The Edge has more ram, modern processor and the UI-7 takes a little learning curve but found it easier and better laid out than UI-5
With UI-7 there is way more support, information, you tube and an actual manual. I remember with UI-4 there was nothing and was difficult until you spent time on it, time to move on from a 5 year old UI with no support
I noticed a quicker response moving from the V2 to the edge

So how did you add an external antenna? Did you crack open the case and solder on new leads?


There are several threads on this:,11276.0.html,31551.0.html

Thanks for the info