Using variables in text fields of Meshbots


Is it possible to use variables in the text fields of meshbots? I have a few use-cases that could use that, for example I want this hub to report its IP address using an HTTP POST:

But also, I’d love to use variables in email and app notification text.

Is that possible? Or do I need to go LUA for that?

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Hi @cfeval,

Thanks for the post! Right now, we do not support all custom variables in the body of notifications. However, there are some system variables that can be used. These include, but are not limited to:

  • ${device_name_or_id}
  • ${room_name_or_id}
  • ${localdatetime}
  • ${controller_name_or_id}

We might add support for custom variables in the future. On a related note, push notifications will only display the text portion of the body, so the variables’ values will only be available in the email notification.

EDIT: These variables can only be used in cloud notification meshbots for now.

Hi can we have a full list of what system variables are currently supported and usable in this manner?

I had a similar feature request to be able to add the value of a custom local variable into say push notifications body text.


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