Using USB-UIRT - any suggestions?

Does anyone have information on using the USB-UIRT with Vera?

If I use it as shipped, is there any special setup required, or does it work straight out of the box with Vera?

Secondly, if I use a remote extender, can it easily control AV equipment?


I’d like to know more about this too…Can the IR RECEIVE and SEND IR signals? Just wondering if I can point my IR remote at it and trigger Z-Wave scenes if I don’t have a Z-Wave enabled remote? (i do have a few but wondering about how I can sell this to my customers as a feature)

And what about Vera sending IR signals to devices…Can it do both of these things?

Yes, it’s a receiver and a transmitter (both as a blaster and has a port for a wired emitter).

So, does vera see the USB-UIRT or do I need to write some code to do the controlling with it? This would be nice in the home theater.

It works right out of the box, I am using the USB-UIRT on my vera… and it works well. The only thing lacking is that MCV does not currently have the IR section completed to what it needs to be. Device support is “limited” at best. I have successfully powered on my tv, receiver, and cable box… but other functions are non existant and there is no easy way to add your own IR codes. Device support and functionality should increase in future updates…

Is the list of devices currently support listed somewhere?