Using Photoelectric Beam Sensor to control light

If you are or want use Photoelectric Beam Sensor(look at picture at bottom) via door sensor when coming in the room want turn light on without touch switch and when leaving the room want turn light off without touch switch too that will help you use with PLEG

Door: Door Sensor is Tripped
LightOff: Light is turned off
LightOn: Light is turned on

AutoOff: !LightOff and Door and (!LightOff; Door)
AutoOn: !LightOn and Door and (!LightOn; Door)

For Vera UI7 7.0.3 or easier and 7.0.9
AutoOff: Turn Light off
AutoOn: Turn Light On

For Vera UI7 7.0.4 to 7.0.8
AutoOff: Immediate: Turn Light off, PLEG Bypass Delay 5 second: PLEG Arm
AutoOn: Immediate: Turn Light On, PLEG Bypass Delay 5 second: PLEG Arm

Note: It wont work when you pass the Photoelectric Beam Sensor then pass again in less than 15 second it wont turn on or off after Vera UI7 7.0.4 due Vera Control LTD they put 15 second delay for door sensor