Using modules in Japan.

Hi, I’m sorry my first post had to be a question, and I apologize if it has been answered before (though I wasn’t able to locate any related post).
Anyway I just ordered some US market zwave modules a few weeks ago on amazon, but they seemed to have gotten lost in transit and then I stumble upon this page.
I see there’s a Japan sub directory, but it doesn’t contain anything. Does micasaverde actually supply 920mhz modules? I’ve looked for some (any!) home automation modules in Japan for the past year, while I can find lots of references to zwave, it’s all business reports or technical literature on industrial controllers. There are locally produced proprietary systems, they are both overpriced and narrow in scope, so I’d really like to get hold of some of the units on this page!

(If the answer is no, would there be any technical issues with using the US or other modules sold here in 100V 50hz ?)




There could be technical issues (120V/60Hz vs. 100V/50Hz), as well as legal issues (908MHz vs. 920MHz), I suppose.