Using Lock's keypad as a scene remote?

I had an idea… not sure if it’s 100% possible.

Wondering if there’s a way to use a smart deadbolt’s keypad as a way to control other things in the home… without actually locking or unlocking the door.

Let me explain and see what you all think.

Current I have it set as: Entering my “regular code” will turn on the lights in that entry room. Great, cool, pretty simple.

But I’m wondering if I can make a “scene control code”, like 1234 for example. Maybe set it to only be valid 1:00am-1:01am on Sundays (or some other really small timeframe). So it doesn’t actually lock/unlock the door. And then I create scenes that say “when code 1234 is entered, turn on all lights in the house” or whatever command. This way if you’re outside, want to easily control something in the home, you can just go up to door and enter the control code and it will trigger the scene it’s associated with. And not lock/unlock the door.

Anybody think this is possible? I tried it, but I don’t think it will work unless the code is actually currently valid. So it looks like the “scene control code” needs to also be able to unlock the door.

Any thoughts?

You can add a pin code to the lock and then add a “daily” restriction so that it is only valid in the past. I would be extra careful and only make it active for 1 minute in the past, at 10:22pm in case the lock clock goes screwy.

Then you can use the pin’s index code as trigger for other events.

Yeah! That’s what I tried. But it wasn’t successful. I’m wondering if the code needs to be active/valid in order to trigger

This is not a bad idea. Think I will look into doing something like this as well.

I would expect you will need to create a trigger for “Invalid PIN entered”, and in that code check to see what the invalid PIN was, and then trigger the scene you want. Might take some LUA programming though.