Using light sensors to trigger Ui5

I wanna setup Smart Switch to trigger one of my lights only when the light sensors is above or below a certain level. So I setup 2 difference scenes.

1 is set to disable Smart Switch if the lights reaches say 40%

second one would enable the Smart switch of the lights falls below 5%

Doesn’t seem to make any difference. When the lights goes above/below the set limit, nothing happens. The other motions sensors that use night and day works fine. Any suggestion?

I’d use PLEG.

either Trigger or Property of the sensor then a condition might depend on sensor type.


cDisable pLux >=40
cEnable pLux <=5

AEnable cEnable
ADisable cDisable

Trying to tackle in pleg but devicer property doesn’t allow above/below threshold but current value.

I tried to use Triggered but not going well either.

tLuxHigher (brightness reach >10)
tLuxLower (brightness level goes below 5)

cLuxhigher expression (tLuxHigher)
cLuxlower expression (tLuxlower)

cLuxhigher action = Smart Switch all off
cLuxlower action = Smart switch on according to desire values

tried it both ways, covered the sensors let the lights drop and let it go neither mad a difference.

Most battery powered light sensors only report at most every 15 minutes.

I’m not concern about the LUX reportin, 15 mins is fine.

However take this very moment for an example, the sensor is reporting 3, if it’s working my smart switch isn’t switching over to the proper setting. :frowning:

As long as it changes trigger the smart switch, the motion sensors takes care of the rest.

Another interesting thing, when the lights gets brighter, it reports immediately, it takes awhile for it to report when it gets darker.