Using hue hub to extend zigbee mesh network


I suspect that what I’m trying to do, isn’t possible…

So, I’m hoping, that I can use a zigbee socket attached via a hue hub to extend the reach of our vera plus to a zigbee blind controller which the vera plus doesn’t appear to be able to connect with.

So the plug socket doesn’t appear to want to connect to Vera, its an INNR plug socket, and doesn’t appear to want to add, but will connect with the hue hub, and thus appear in vera via the althue app.

Is it possible to extend the zigbee network as I’d like?


Hi Tony

Hope your well.

So is the Zigbee Blind controller connected to the Vera hub and not the Hue Bridge hub?

As you likely know the AltHue Vera plugin sends control commands to the Hue Bridge via its API. To then control devices that are connected to the Hue Bridge.

Vera as is doesn’t really properly support Zigbee devices paired to it directly, as it only supports the Zigbee HA 1.2 stack.

Hopefully the new Ezlo hubs will support properly Zigbee devices using the Zigbee 3.0 standard.


All good here thanks, hope you and the family are too!

Yep, blind controller is controlled by Vera, well, 1 of them is. The other appears to be too far away, so looking to use the socket as an extender. Seems like neither the blind control unit or the socket work with ezlo plus, at least, not yet.

Well in theory the more Zigbee devices you have paired to the Vera hub the better the Zigbee mesh network would be.

I’m not a Zigbee expert by any means as all my devices are Z-Wave.

I only ever managed to pair one Zigbee device to Vera directly a Xiaomi Aqara Temp / Humidity sensor, it worked for a while and then stopped, I unpaired it and then was never able to pair it to Vera again.

And it doesn’t pair with the Ezlo Plus hub at all

Out of interest what blinds and Zigbee controller for them are you using?

I’ve used Z-Wave Fibaro Roller shutter modules for my AC motors on blinds and curtains.

I have a new Zebra blind coming from China its like a roller blind. That has a 12V motor as I couldn’t be bothered chasing out the wall for mains cables. Plan to use a Qubino Flush DC shutter module for it.