Using fgs-211 or 221 for 2way switching circuit.

I’m just starting out with my Vera and starting to see not everything is easy when it comes to wiring.

Nb. I do have neutral available, this is not an issue.

I have a 2way circuit (switch upstairs and downstairs controls the same light), and don’t like the idea of using 2 fibaro relays, one at each switch (one only as a command to switch the other one) to ‘fake’ the two way switching.

Therefore I was thinking, could I not just place a spdt relay behind the wall switch and use the fgs211/221 relay to toggle that? As this should effectively mimic the original circuit.

Hope this makes sense,

Why do you want to add a relay?

If I understand you correctly, you do not want to have one fibaro control the other? Then the simplest way may be to use traditional 2 way circuit breakers, just connecting them into one fibaro S1 input. (so only one fibaro in total, no relays).
Parallel coupling of momentary switches into one Fibaro.
I do this in my staircase. Actually has three switches into one Fibaro dimmer.

Most likely, I’m missing something… :slight_smile:

Agree with vespaman - if you’re happy with momentary switches, then parallel connection is easiest. In fact, over the standard 3-wire connection used for a single secondary switch you can wire two momentary switches (one wire for common, one for each of the switches) - ideal for n-way control of the dual fibaro relays.

I have four pairs of switches at various points in the hall/landing all controlling two sets of lights through a single fibaro dual-relay module.

I may be asking a lot, but do any of you have a diagram or some pictures to help me understand a set up in a 2 or 3 way set up?

I’d like to use more Fibaro in my house (just the one dimmer currently behind a 2 wire wall switch)

You simply connect the two switches to the same input on the Fibaro - ie just parallel them up. In the manual fig-1, the switch connects between Sx and S1 - in this case, you’d just have 2 switches - both connected to Sx and S1.

I’ve done this and it works just fine.


Not sure on wiring the above yet (give me a bit more time, I may work it out).


I Guess swap out for momentary switches, then use the existing installed wiring for the 2way circuit, just to join the 2nd momentary back to the fibaro module behind the ‘master’ switch.

Great, I have at least one solution,

I knew I was over complicating things, you guys rock, thanks!

sorry for the swedish, but look at the pictures. This is the traditional set-up. So if you want to use your existing switches, connect the wires similarily, but leave out the bulb, since it is connected to the fibaro. Instead of the bulb, just imagine a wire over it, and your are done.

Hi, I found these online for the dimmer and so was curious how they would work for the FGS-221 or 211.

@parkerc - these diagrams work only for the dimmer which is, in this case, wired in series with the bulb and not with an independent neutral connection. note, also, that for low power (high impedance) loads like LED and CFL lights, the lights themselves need a bypass resistor connected in parallel so that enough current flows to power the dimmer.

The common switch connection is, according to the Fibaro documentation, connected to the Sx terminal of the dimmer, not the live.

The relays, single or dual, both require a direct connection to neutral and live, and optionally the dimmer may also be connected this way, obviating the need for a bypass.