Using expression in delay activity

Hi all,

I’m switching myself from a homebrew solution to a veraplus, and the reactor plugin is just what I need to expose some of the logic that I’m used to having available.

My question is fairly simple (I think). From my reading of the wiki, I should be able to create an expression and use that value in a delay activity. My end goal is to use random() in that expression to get a bit of a variable delay, but that isn’t actually part of my question.

My question is this … it should work, correct ? If I take the same delay expression and simply put “30” for a 30 second delay, I get what I expect. A pause, and then the next action runs (in my case a switch goes off). But if I use an expression (well, the variable for that expression), I see no delay at all and everything happens immediately. This happens even if I have an expression that is simple like: foo = 30. I’m selecting “foo” from the dropdown in the delay action, so the variable name should specified property.

I’m using Reactor 3.4, with an update check of just a few minutes ago.

Thoughts ? Am I doing something obviously (and horribly) wrong ?

You are doing nothing wrong. You found a bug, which I found and fixed. Please install the hotfix update shown in the hotfix post. Then give it another go.

Tested, and confirmed that it now works.

Many thanks. I’ll complete some of my more complex logic now and I’ll definitely send some support your way!

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