Using Arduino sketches with ZUNO

I found no learning curve at all. If you’ve been using Arduino built sensors, like from, then adapting already written sketches to work with Z-Uno is a piece of cake. Spent less than an hour to write and upload sketch. It worked right out of the box. Totally worth it.

Thats great news that you found it easy to write sketches for ZUNO.
I’m unsure on how to adapt sketches written for mysensors to ZUNO as I was never familiar with Arduino so this is my first experience in coding in C++.
I had noticed some similarity but a few of them call up libraries that didn’t seem to be available for ZUNO. At that stage I felt out of my depth.

Post up your project, I for one would like to see what you have developed.

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If that’s the case, you have been elected to share your knowledge and expertise, with us all.



Hope you can give some tips about it