Using Android Wear device for controlling Vera

I was looking forward for my Android Wear watch, but now i’m dissapointed that i cannot run any Vera app on it :frowning:

Is anyone working in it? Some time ago imperihome was working on android wear (now it doesn’t), but only on voice command - i would like to use screen on my watch.

Is anyone working on such thing? Maybe some developer of other android/java app would share his java code for vera controller - i would make the front end of app to make it working. Is anyone else looking forward for making it work?

Someone created SmartAbode a while back but I’m not sure if it is still being developed.

Last release was on 11 october 2016, and i’ve tried it - it doesn’t work on android wear 2.0 :wink:

I’ve also email developer - without any response