Using Alexa to control blinds without the RX433 thing

Hi everyone, wanted to let you know my solution to having Alexa control the blinds without the expensive RFX433. All you need is the Broadlink RM PRO+ available for around $50 US - Using the application IHC add the blinds as an custom appliance and learn the radio signal using the remote that controls the blinds/curtains and then create a scene - one scene to open and one scene to close. Log into Alexa and add the Broadlink skill and link your accounts. The tell Alexa to discover - she will find the scenes created in the IHC app. Then in the Alexa app create two routines - one to open and one to close blinds and link these routines to the newly added scenes from IHC.
Job done - now just say “Alexa, open bedroom blind” for example and she will run the scene.

Hope this makes sense. Its far easier than trying to get the RFX to work.

I just ordered one (from China). Hope it is all they say!

That’s cool, thanks for the info. I bought the Bond because I wanted to control a patio fan but it supports bluetooth so in the future I might get the MySmartBlinds I think they are called and do the same thing.

It appears Broadlink has a new model coming for 2019. Picture at their Israel facebook site:

It appears to be square rather than triangular. I haven’t found specs or availability info yet.

I bought A-OK RM25 tubular motors for homemade roller blinds; the motors seem quite nice. When I remove adapter rings, they fit inside 1" pvc pipe. A number 4 one-hole rubber stopper worked to connect the rotating output shaft with the inside of the pvc pipe. I am looking forward to using a Broadlink wi-fi to RF hub to control them but will wait a bit to learn more about the new model.

A-OK has been around for a while now and puts out good quality product. Quite a few people are re-branding them to sell in the U.S. too, so you might see them in a different color motor from someone else. I like the idea of using PVC, but if you can find the correct diameter aluminum tube you might get a better result. For smaller shades and motors 35mm or smaller they typically can be but into this profile tube, most of those sized motors either ship with the tube adapters to fit this tube or at least have these adapters available for the is 1.5" profile tube:

Is there more interest in additional A-OK blind motor support ? The AM-25/1.2 seems very attractive but is not (yet) supported ? Can the configs of the recently introduced A-OK AC114 or the RF01 be used ?

Thanks !