Using a HA07 to provide sunrise & sunset events?

I’m currently having issues getting Vera to connect securely to (see my posts about satellite internet issues). One result of this is that I cannot set my location to accurately set “Sunrise” or “Sunset” events. Then I remembered that I have an old Home Settings HA07 controller and it has a simple astronomical calculator for sunrise and sunset. So it should be a simple matter of setting the HA07 as a secondary controller (Vera is Primary) and set up button pushes as events. I did this successfully and both Vera and HA07 happy

I programmed an event on the HA07 to turn ON a scene (button 7) when the HA07’s sunrise event occurs. I programmed a scene on Vera to activate a light when scene button 7 was pushed. I checked operation by manually pushing button 7 on the HA07 and Vera executed the scene successfully. I set the HA07 to Auto to activate the HA07 programmed events. This morning I awoke (after sunrise, I’m not a farmer)and found that the light wasn’t on. :frowning:

So my question is this: Can a HA07 programmed event trip a “pushed scene button” event? or do I have to associate it to a module. Is there something wrong in what I’m doing? -Randy


It Works. The trouble was my testing and HA07 set-up. The HA07 daylight savings time calculation doesn’t work correctly any more since Congress recently moved the dates. So I had turned the DST option off. I neglected to review the HA07’s sunrise and sunset times. Naturally they were off by 1 hour. Corrected that and this morning at sunrise the outside lights turned off. ;D