Using a desktop PC

Can I run the MCV software on a desktop? I’m a Linux kernel develop working on in-kernel IR support. I’m interested in MCV system but I don’t want to work on my buggy kernel code in a cross-compiled environment. I’d like to run everything in my x86 box. Has the basic system been converted to lua yet? That would make cross platform a lot easier.

Internally they have it running atop other HW platforms running Linux, but these have not been made available to us.

Similar comments about making more of the solution Lua-based have also been made to them, esp in the context of making it easier to port, and easier to change (eg. interfaces for Notifications etc, that are more plugable)

That said, I don’t think this is on their radar at the moment, given other priorities.

For the immediate problem, you could write a small Lua driver that “proxies” the IR commands over to your development box, which would then send them out over the [Kernel] drivers you’re developing there. That would more-or-less remove Vera from the Development cycle, barring “proxying” commands over to you.

The SQBlaster Plugin (on has the interface stubs that are required to write such a proxy, so you’d only need to write something on your development box to “receive” the codes (if working with Pronto codes).

Only once you’ve stabilized it all would you have to x-compile to OpenWRT.

It is a more complex than proxying events. The kernel IR support is only in the newest kernels. I need to have the MCV run-time running on the new kernel instead of the much older kernel used inside the router. With this new kernel IR about 100 different IR receivers will work. The most common is the Microsoft MCE one.

I don’t care about the proprietary stuff like the Z-wave drivers. Is the Insteon support open source?

Kernel support for HDMI-CEC is also being worked on.