Using a Condition to check a Variable

I’ve been using Reactor for a couple months, and I’m feeling pretty confident with it. But there is one thing that’s stumping me-- how do you use a Condition to check a Variable? (I promise I have searched for the answer haha)

I see this example found at Expressions & Variables · toggledbits/Reactor Wiki · GitHub, and I can’t figure out how to make it happen within my configuration.

My goal is to create a Condition that checks if a Variable is true or false.

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Reactor 3.4:

  1. Make sure the variable you want to check is “exported” – the “up/down” arrows in the right button area of the variable/expression config should be highlighted green.
  2. Condition type Device State, choose “(this ReactorSensor)” as the device, choose the variable name from the drop-down list, the operator, and the operand.

Reactor 3.5:

  1. Condition type “Expression Variable”, choose the variable name, operator, operand.

Aaaaaah, thank you so much!

My current Reactor project is leveraging the DarkSky API to completely automate the thermostat, based on past/current/future weather data and time of day. This will help so much!

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