Use secondary controller for Home/Stay/Away functionality

I have read through the forums and just wanted to verify what i think i have learned…

I currently have zwave door/motion sensors spread throughout my house tied to scenes that are setup for Home/Away/Stay states. This works perfectly and i can manage the state from my phone/tablet.

I would like to add keypad functionality so that when a guest comes over they can enter a pin on a keypad and don’t need access to a mobile application to change the state from Away->Home and from Home->Away.

I believe i could do this with DSC but wasn’t sure if i need to buy new sensors or not.

I have seen mixed responses for 2gig being a secondary controller and thought about using 2gig as a secondary controller to change scene states but wasn’t sure if the pin functionality would work.

The beNext device looks like it would work but don’t really like the idea of having 4 character pins

Is there a different zwave enabled keypad solution with home/away/stay functionality that i am missing?

Thank you,

I would be interested in what you find as well.

But a possible option would be to use an inexpensive WiFi tablet for your guest to set the away/home status, with the tablet locked with a PIN. There are descriptions around here on how to mount a tablet on a wall. And that tablet could double as a home automation status board as well.