use PLEG to change Multiswitch button labels

I am trying to eliminate my Variable Containers, and thought I could possibly use a Multiswitch instead. I would not be able to change the variable via the switch, but I could at least use it to display my rad valve setpoints. So ideally I would like to use PLEG to name the buttons with a contents of a variable, which contains the setpoint for a radiator. So for example if the rad setpoint is 18 in the kitchen, I would like button 1 to be labelled 18, or even better, K 18. Is this possible and how ? I found a device property for the multi switch btnlabel, but that has this value and I do not know how to change it: [“1”,“2”,“3”,“4”,“5”,“6”,“7”,“8”]

I tried this but I got invalid expression
HVAC Setpoint PLEG[448] : p1 = [“pTRV1_Current”,“2”,“3”,“4”,“5”,“6”,“7”,“8”] : Invalid Expression Operator: = in:p1 = [“pTRV1_Current”,“2”,“3”,“4”,“5”,“6”,“7”,“8”]
pTRV1_Current being one of my radiator setpoints

To change button labels on Multi Switch requires a Vera Restart and Browser Refresh … this is not going to help you.

Ah that’s a shame. I thought I could use it to display my setpoints. If I only had 2 different setpoints per valve it could work by using PLEG to press the button with the right setpoint for me. If I create enough multi switches for every possible setpoint on each valve… that could work… I could then also use it to change setpoints as I do now with the VC… Have to work out how many setpoints I have and how many multiswitches I need…

If you are replacing VC with Multi-switch you are not going to save much …

The goal should be to reduce the total # of devices.

I am not worried about memory, I normally have 65000 available. Apparently the variable container could be the cause of my devices taking a long time to respond to commands. That is the only reason I am trying to eliminate them. I started getting frustrated when my TV took 30 seconds to switch on… and other devices can take the same time. Since I got rid of all but 2 VC’s things seem to run a little quicker.