Use doorbell as alarm

I’ve got my standard wired doorbell z-wave enabled using fibaro’s door/window sensor (see attachment).
Now I would like to change the setup so that it not only notifies me of somebody ringing the doorbell but also allows me to control the bell using an alarm schema. Could somebody help me to explain how I should change the setup?

I’m unsure that I understand your question. Do you mean that you wish to make the door bell ring when the alarm system trips?

To do that, you would have to use a relay wired in parallel with your bell button, like you have the sensor, then have a scene repeatedly activate and deactivate the relay.

Fibaro relays have a configurable alarm mode(Parameter 30 & 40) that would “flash” the relay On and Off. This would allow you to activate the alarm mode with a single Z-Wave On command, rather than a scene to repeatedly turn the relay On and Off.

Would my fibaro door/window sensor be able to control that relay? Or do I need to use another z-wave device?

The sensor senses. You need a relay to control. The Fibaro FG221 will provide the best results for you. It is a dual relay switch that also has the alarm mode function that I previously described.

Edit: What is the voltage of your doorbell’s button circuit? I am surprised that a door/window sensor will work in this configuration.

Cool, So If I add the FG221 in parallel to the doorbell pushbutton in Normally Open modus, it would be able to both trigger the bell from an alarm scene AND notify me of somebody actually pushing the doorbell push button? I’m not sure if that setup would allow me to do the latter. Could you confirm that?

Yes, if the sensor is working now, with it and the button in parallel, then everything should work with everything in parallel. You would wire the button, the sensor and the FGS221 in parallel, making absolutely sure NOT to introduce line current into the circuit.

Ok but if I read you correct it means I have to keep the door/window sensor in place to. I was hoping to be able to do it all with the FG221.

You need a sensor to detect the button press and a relay to activate the bell.

Using the FGS221, you could rewire the button to the FGS221 S1 contact and then have the relay activate the bell, this would eliminate the requirement for the door/window sensor.

Button ==== FGS221 ==|==Doorbell

Reexamining your wiring diagram, I don’t think that it is correct. Are you sure that you have two different voltages? Are both voltages AC? I would normally expect a single AC voltage in that circuit and in the U.S. that would be 24VAC.

Yeah the voltage difference is strange but true. I haven’t tested it with a multimeter but it is what it reads on the transformer. I wonder if the FGS221 would mind having the slightly different voltage. Up for a test I guess…
thanks so far!

Almost got it working.

I’ve got the switch working and the FGS221 triggering the bell. But I’ve not been able to get notifications from the manual trigger.
For some reason when I put the push button in S1 it’s not triggering the FGS221 to ope O1 using schema below (with the crossed out connection connected).

Does S1 maybe need 230V for it to trigger the relay switch?

Re-examining the FGS211 manual, it does appear to require line voltage on the S1 contact to activate. I had mistakenly assumed that it was like the Aeon Labs switch, which does not require line voltage.

You should NOT do this!

[size=18pt]Do NOT run line voltage through your door bell button or wiring![/size]

You will need to use something besides the FGS211. I’m sorry for misinforming you.

thanks for the warning! though I wasn’t planning on doing that.
I might get a fibaro universal binary sensor. They seem to allow lower voltages according to my information. Too bad the manual doesn’t mention it.

[quote=“Yannick, post:12, topic:181353”]thanks for the warning! though I wasn’t planning on doing that.
I might get a fibaro universal binary sensor. They seem to allow lower voltages according to my information. Too bad the manual doesn’t mention it.[/quote]

The Fibaro UBS requires a dry contact between the input and ground. You would need a relay, opto-isolator or transistor to connect it to your bell.

what’s a dry contact?

One that is not connected to any source of voltage or ground. AKA a volt-free contact. In other words, it is isolated from everything.

hmmm learning by doing. thanks for the info. Will just go with the standard relay option as everybody is using. Only available online though. Would I need a 5V version in my setup?

That isn’t clear from your diagram so I think you should measure the actual voltage across the bell-push. This may be AC if it is coming from a simple transformer. You don’t see too many relays for low-voltage AC so you may need to add a bridge rectifier and capacitor so you can use a DC relay.

However: Reading back through this thread I see you were wanting to use a single Z-Wave device to both detect and activate the bell. I have to tell you that the Fibaro UBS does not include a Z-Wave controlled output. The two output relays just follow the inputs. It isn’t clear from the product description and confuses many people but that’s the way it works. It is intended to allow it to be placed between a sensor and an existing alarm system.

If you are going to add a relay, you could continue to use the FGS211.