Use camera image as status indicator

I got an idea but no real use cases yet…
This could work as a very general plug in for different needs.
I can (probably) produce and serve different kind of static status icons (pictures) from my web server. What I was thinking is to use the camera plugin to show them on the vera GUI as status indicators for different things.

Some ideas:
Packing list for kids before leaving to school:
Read from google calendar what activities they have during the day and what weather and temperature it will be.
Display icons:
Music instrument, Football gear, Lunch Box, Rain coat.

Another idea was also to have a picture of a mail box.
Empty mail box, One news paper for the morning paper, Half full if the morning paper and mail not been fetched. Full if it has gone more than one day between emptying.

What would be nice is if there would be a general image icon available since the camera icon now has 3 extra buttons (View, Archive, Record and a small camera picture.) Any clue if such exists? Maybe I need to put my non-existsing luup code skills into use ;D