USB stick not visible on Veralite

Hi all,

I am connecting a 2GB USB stick to my Veralite via a powered USB hub. The hub seems to be working OK, since my RFXtrx433 is plugged into the same hub and working great.

USB stick is 2GB, formatted to FAT32 (as per advice on another thread), named “2GB_STICK” (as per advice on another thread) and plugged in.

However, VERA doesn’t seem to find it… (1) it doesn’t show up in VERA Setup > Logs > USB status = Not mounted and (2) doesn’t show up in dataMine debug page

Any guidance greatly appreciated!

Did you try rebooting Vera with the USB drive plugged in?

Log in via ssh and issue a ‘fdisk -l’. What does it show. Vera will not mount the usb stick automatically. You will have to take care of that yourself.

  • Garrett

Thanks so much for replying aa6vh and garrettwp.

I did a bit more reading, and folks seemed to be reporting more stability by mounting disk space from a NAS.

I have now plugged my USB stick into my Netgear router, given up on plugging in directly, and trying NAS approach instead.