USB Stick not readable from PC normal?

So I threw on a fat32 formatted 1GB…maybe its 2GB…can’t remember, thumb drive. Both the Vera is logging to it (don’t know what else via that option) and “dataMine graphing and logging” app is storing to it.

The screen with the setting for Vera still shows ok:

USB status Enabled Mounted: read-write Usage: 4

And the app displays graph data showing it must be saving to the card ok.

When I shut power to vera and take out the drumb drive and stick it in any of the Windows PC’s it claims it needs to be formatted. So are you unable to read the drive to see any of it’s contents? Are the contents there only for Vera’s pleasure and not your own eyes? Or is there something wrong with it?

If I recall correctly then Vera formats it with either an ext2 or 3 file system which is not something that Windows can natively read without a driver… there are programs that can help with this, or you can either mount it in a Linux box, liveCD image, VM, or just simply SCP the files from Vera without removing it using something like winscp.

Great. Thank you, that answers my question. Next chance I get I will use DiskInternals Linux Reader to take a peek at things to see what it looks like in there :slight_smile:

Vera creates a 512MB ext3 Linux partition for external log storage.