Usb device to vera?

Afternoon all

I have a small device which monitors level etc in my heating tank. The small device is digital and connects by usb.

Is there anyway to just read the data on device in vera?


Anyone got any info relating to doing this?

There’s no in-built means of reading this device/data.

If, as I suspect, the USB device is a simulated serial connection, then you might be able to do it if you wrote a plugin to read the device, process the data, and then store or act on the data.

There is a possibility that you could make your own Z-Wave level/temperature sensor using the Fibaro Universal Sensor. In order to tell you how to do that, I’d need to know more about how the level and temperature readings are taken in your tank. In my part of the world, the hot water heater is a closed system that always remains full and any sensor readings would have t be done on the exterior of the tank.

Edit: Fibaro Universal Sensor Water Heater temperature monitoring project